Presentation Management for PowerPoint Slide Library

Epoch® Slide Presentation Management Solution includes our intuitive presentation composer for building better presentations faster than you are doing now. Epoch® Slide is intuitive, easy to use, and cost-effective for empowering your teams to boost productivity.

Please Note: iClickPoint™ is now Epoch® Slide.

Epoch® Composer for Sales Enablement

Empower your teams for Sales Enablement, Speaker Support, Training Course Building, and much more. Your team uses Epoch® Composer to create custom presentations for each opportunity faster than they are doing now. Users can search our intelligent slide library to find choice slides to build a better presentation to close more deals or deliver their content.

Clients use Epoch® Slide drag & drop presentation builder to create custom presentations using PPTX slides within minutes or hours instead of days and weeks. Users can quickly build custom presentations on-demand using a desktop Internet browser, iPad or an HTML5 supported tablet anytime anywhere.

Provide users access to company-approved slides, presentations, and documents in real-time. Use Epoch® Slide to distribute approved PowerPointTM presentations and slides throughout your organization securely 24 x 7 in a centralized location. Deliver updated slides, presentation and documents so your team so they can create better presentations and react faster than the competition.

Epoch® Slide presentation management solution with an intelligent slide library software is available as a managed hosted service or Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise License for your Intranet.

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Presentation Management Solutions

Epoch® Slide presentation management solution is available in multiple languages including; English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Epoch® Slide Enterprise (LAN) license is available for on-site software installation & database implementation on a dedicated server on your Intranet network. Please contact Rajiv Prasad, Web Epoch Interactive at 973-335-7775 for pricing and license options. Click here to compare Epoch® Slide SaaS vs. Enterprise

Web Epoch is providing presentation management and slide dissemination solutions for PowerPoint, supporting the sales force, marketing, and speakers since 1997.

“Since 2001 clients rely on Web Epoch to distribute and disseminate PowerPoint® presentations and slide starting with CD-ROMs, hybrid, then on the Web and now in the Cloud.”

Presentation Management Solutions