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7 Benefits of an Online PowerPoint Presentation Management Software System

Executives who create Presentations, Benefit from Epoch Slide App

You can benefit from a superior, more intuitive and an elegant solution for presentation management that is easy to use for everyone in your Enterprise.

Executives and managers in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Training, Financial, Regulatory and other departments that create, share and use PowerPoint® presentations are spending great many hours using email or file sharing systems.

iClickPointTM presentation management is a leading edge solution for presentation on-demand that allow you to create and share presentations faster and more efficient than your current file system such as eMail, FTP or SharePoint. To increase your productivity please contact Roj Rajiv Prasad at 973-335-7775 for a personal demo.

Benefits gained from using iClickPointTM presentation management system for PowerPoint® content are as follows:

1) Online Slide Library. On-demand Drag & Drop Presentation Builder

  • low per user cost
  • find slides fast
  • increased productivity for busy executives & managers
  • increased efficiency through leading edge eTool efficiency
  • easy to use

2) Leverage Web Tool Proficiency. Increase Sales

  • react to clients and prospects needs faster
  • eliminates businesses chaos and slide duplication
  • only approved slides are available to users
  • disseminate throughout the organization in a safe, consistent and easy way

3) Standardize Brand. Disseminate Consistent message

  • lock slides to be non-editable or allow users to edit
  • increase ROI from brand consistency
  • provides online access without geographic limitations
  • hosted on a secure, managed server and available as SaaS

4) Secure. Intelligent. Efficient. Easy. Intuitive. Fast.

  • single sign-on
  • on-demand presentations available 24/7
  • secure certificate
  • allow internal and external workforce

 5) ROI (Return on Investment) for the Enterprise or a Small Group

  • quickly adapt to sales opportunity
  • gain competitive edge
  • reduce slide maintenance cost with instant automatic updates
  • avoid creating duplicate slides

 6) Adhere to Compliance and Regulatory guidelines

  • easier to adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines
  • maintain slide history with version control
  • user activity report
  • slide popularity report

 7) Minimum IT Support needed

  • no up-front development cost
  • no IT help desk support cost
  • no software update cost
  • no hosting cost

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Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Presentation Management – 14 Reasons why iClickPoint is Superior to SharePoint

Presentation Management Software

iClickPoint Presentation Management System with an intelligent slide library plus a drag & drop presentation builder

Presentation management software such as iClickPoint, provides 14 reasons why it is superior to SharePoint Slide Library and Presentation Builder.

iClickPoint presentation management system is developed from ground up specifically for PowerPoint presentation and slide content management. Think of iClickPoint as an elegant PowerPoint CMS that SharePoint does not even close in comparison to the functionality and ease of using in building custom presentations.

1) user intuitive2) easy to use 3) quickly build custom presentation by drag & drop method
4) tag slides a favorite for reuse quickly
5) quickly reuse saved presentation by adding or deleting slides
6) admin can share link to a presentation just upload
7) slide association make multiple decks update easy
8) group slides to keep intended order
9) internal slide uses can view but cannot download
10) low cost per user and minimal to no support need all year long
11) create a slide show and share link
12) iPad Presentation Builder
13) Salesforce to Presentation Builder single sign-on
14) Embed iClickPlay presentation player in a web page

SharePoint Server Slide Library

1) file system based
2) difficult to use
3) no way to build presentation quickly
4) u need to download slides and assemble in PPT
5) no drag & drop UI

6) – Does not create a slide show of the pictures. This is an often used feature in Intranets. Example: A news article with a direct link to the slide show view of your company’s last event or party.
7 Although it is possible to email a link to the file (as is also the case in a Picture library), you can’t easily embed them in an email or Word document. If you want to do this, you need to manually download the files you want to embed and add them manually to the email/document.

8) Does not have the larger thumbnail option of a picture when you hover over the item.
9) The library menu is 2007 style, and thus looks different from other SharePoint 2010 libraries.
10) Has a complicated way of uploading pictures using the “Picture Manager” application.
11) Slide Library is discontinued in SharePoint 2013
12) No iPad drag & drop Presentation Builder
13) No salesforce.com to a presentation builder integration
14) No presentation embed capability