Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Automating PowerPoint Slide Library for Management Consulting Firms

Automating PowerPoint Slide Library

Build and Update Workshop PowerPoint Decks Fast!

Today’s web tools and apps provide specialized technology for management consulting firms for managing their extensive PowerPoint slide libraries.

Automating PowerPoint Slide Library for Management consulting firms provides tremendous leverage. You have accumulated hundreds of presentations decks encompassing thousands of PowerPoint slides.  Every instructor or consultant relies on PowerPoint slides for their client’s training workshops.

Automating PowerPoint Slide Library
Automating PowerPoint Slide Library


Management consulting firms cater to corporations of all sizes and use PowerPoint slides for effective communication while delivering their training workshops. A small management Consulting firm of five to fifteen employees has three to thirty-thousand slides. A specialized tool is required to manage those presentation slides while keeping them up to date.

Epoch Slide is a specialized tool for building your courseware faster than in PowerPoint alone. We worked with our client over the course of years, honing a tool for developing management consulting and training workshops. Search the Epoch Slide Library by keyword to find choice slides for creating your workshop courseware presentation. You have advanced features for reusing digital slides or a group of slides such as training modules for building your workshop presentation quickly.

“You reuse and assemble training modules to compose a custom workshop courseware faster than current methods available in PowerPoint.”

SharePoint, FTP, Drive, DropBox, and email are poor tools for managing thousands of slides because they are not designed as presentation management systems. Imagine you must update 50 new slides created in 2017 across one or two-hundred presentation decks with a library of three to six-thousand slides or more. You would copy the required individual or groups of slides, open the target file, and paste in each presentation deck. Then, repeat the same procedure hundreds of times, opening 100+ presentation decks, deleting old slides, and pasting the new slides in the correct order, multiple times. You’re not pasting all 50 slides at once in a deck; you must selectively update each deck. This manual process is extremely laborious and time-consuming; it can easily take a week or more to complete.  Even after the slide update procedure is complete, the distribution of the slide library throughout the organization is inadequate for quickly creating custom courseware.

Now, imagine that Epoch Slide Presentation Management System, with an intelligent slide library, has automated this slide update process to save up to 80% of the required time for the same task. By uploading and replacing the original instance of the updated slide, all copies of this slide are updated across multiple decks instantly and made available to users. Furthermore, the process to create a custom presentation for each opportunity is improved significantly by creating better PowerPoint decks faster.

Using your firm’s slide library, you create a custom presentation in hours as compared to days or even weeks with PowerPoint alone. This is realized because you have access to the entire slide library of approved and final content. You can search the slide library by keyword to find choice slides, assemble the slides in the desired order, and download them to deliver your workshop courseware.

Here are eleven benefits for a Management Consulting Firm by automating PowerPoint slide management process.
  1. Centralize the PowerPoint slide library
  2. Update slides instantly across multiple decks
  3. Eliminate workshop courseware administrative headaches
  4. Gain an intelligent slide library with a powerful keyword search
  5. Build better workshop presentations extremely fast
  6. Reuse and assemble slides for a productivity factor
  7. Use a desktop, laptop, or iPad app to create a custom presentation
  8. Share your presentation link with your prospects and clients for free
  9. Protect your brand by locking slides
  10. Embed videos and animation to improve messaging
  11. Compose modules to create courseware faster than with PowerPoint alone

Presentation management systems increase your workshop courseware composition productivity in manifold ways. The Epoch Slide workflow process provides the tools to build custom courseware in record time, unmatched by any other system or process available in PowerPoint alone. The Epoch Slide presentation management system is simply a must-have “killer tool” for training and consulting firms looking for workshop courseware management.

Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

PowerPoint Slide Library for Wealth Management Firms

 Build Targeted PowerPoint Presentations Fast!

Asset and wealth management firms are finding difficulty keeping their PowerPoint presentations up to date for their executive and sales teams. Wealth management banks and financial asset management firms are using inadequate tools such as SharePoint, DropBox, or Google Drive to store and distribute their tools. Their tools are obsolete for presentation management because they are not designed for managing and distributing PowerPoint presentations and slides. The tools lack many other features available in a presentation management system.

PowerPoint Slide Library
PowerPoint Slide Library

A PowerPoint slide library is the core of a presentation management system. Banks and investment firms of all sizes have amassed thousands of slides over the years. The bad news is that these slides are scattered across outdated file systems. None of these systems are designed for presentation management, nor do any of them have a slide library.

You may feel that your PowerPoint presentation and slides are centralized for use by your organization. However, that is just one critical presentation management feature that you must address as the CEO, COO, VP of Marketing, or the presentation library administrator. As the PowerPoint library administrator, you must update slides on a regular basis and then distribute them to the entire organization. A single slide update replacement across fifty presentation decks may take one hour or more using PowerPoint. Certainly, opening and editing fifty presentations in PowerPoint will take longer than just one minute.

How much time does it take for you to update 25 or 50 slides across 100 presentation decks?

We all know that would take several days to a week’s worth of work. As the PowerPoint slide library administrator, you would benefit from a tool that can automate the slide update process and complete the same task in a fraction of the time. One client reported an 800% increase in efficiency because he did his slide update in five minutes using Epoch Slide as compared to 40 minutes with PowerPoint.

Here are some tips to help you organize you PowerPoint Slide Library. The Presentation Management System is either available as managed hosting software as a service (SaaS) or an enterprise license installed on your intranet network web server. Regardless of the platform you choose, you will need to upload your entire slide library in the Presentation Management System.

You can build your online library folder by folder and upload multiple presentations as required to build your online PowerPoint slide library. This can become time-consuming if you have thousands of slides to upload and organize into a centralized slide library system with folders and subfolders. In most cases, the slide library is not organized locally, and the administrator tries to upload and organize as they learn to use the Presentation Management System. Given the upload requirements, the task time length increases accordingly while you build your library in real time and schedule.

The efficient way to build your PowerPoint Slide Library is on your desktop with all the folders and subfolders organized locally. Since you are not uploading, you can work faster to build your slide library. When you are done building your PowerPoint Slide Library, use the Epoch Slide Auto-Uploader tool to automatically upload your entire local slide library into the Epoch Slide Presentation Management System. The Auto-Uploader will automatically create all folders and sub-folders and upload presentations accordingly to replicate your slide library online. The Epoch Slide Auto-Uploader tool will save you a week or more in time as compared to doing the same process manually.

Your company may organize PowerPoint content as slides or presentations for use by various teams. Once your presentations are in the slide library, you now can optimize presentation meta properties and add keyword tags to slides. These meta tags and slide keywords are searchable, so users can find choice slides for their masterpieces. Epoch Slide Presentation Management System’s intelligent slide library has many advanced features that increase productivity. These advanced features let the administrator optimize the slide library by creating pre-built presentations for users very quickly.

Your teams have access to the latest approved slides and presentations for ease of customization to seize current opportunities. They can build better presentations faster than with their current method by using the company’s approved PowerPoint slide library.  All slides are approved and up to date with content. They can search using keywords to find choice slides for building custom presentations faster than using PowerPoint alone.