Epoch® Slide Presentation Management for PowerPoint Slide Library

Over the past few years, I have interacted with prospects and clients that are exploring online slide library tools like the Epoch® Slide presentation management system. One scenario is consistently present in all of the cases that their slides are decentralized and scattered among two or more groups that are responsible for designing, distributing, and maintaining the company’s PowerPoint slides.

7 Tips for Preparing Your PowerPoint Slide Decks for Epoch® Slide Library

To begin with, I frequently found that the PowerPoint slide decks have accumulated multiple masters over time without any organization. The first task on your “slide library prep list” is to clean it up, reducing it to a single master for each PowerPoint slide deck. If multiple Masters are needed then, Epoch® slide supports multiple Masters capability. Therefore your slide must be designed properly to support multiple PowerPoint Masters.

The second item on your checklist is to make sure no other font type is used directly on a slide outside of the master style. Some slides we encountered were contaminated with multiple font types placed by way of copying and pasting slides that had different masters. “Title” and “Content” sometimes looked “normal” visually; however, when uploaded to a slide library application such as iClickPoint, the “real” font is revealed during the conversion for database storage. Of course, this translated to online slides showing the incorrect font type in titles and content.

To date, I have not seen a PowerPoint deck with the Document Properties fields completely filled out. Traditionally, these properties were not often used; however, in the online slide library world, the PowerPoint document properties, “Author,” “Title,” “Subject,” “Keywords,” “Category” and “Status” play a key role in searching slides. That’s why this is the third important item on your slide library prep checklist.

Good keywords in your slide content are highly recommended as the fourth item on your list. Updating your Title and Content while you are refreshing your slides is a good boost to getting accurate search results for that perfect slide your team is looking for.

Similar to SEO practice for optimizing meta properties of a web page for Google and others, you need to optimize your slides. PowerPoint Document Properties is limited to the presentation deck level. Online presentation management tools such as iClickPoint provide tagging at the slide level for more granular search results for users. For now, be sure that the slide titles are optimized and possibly include a keyword. You can tag slides after you upload them to your online library account.

The fifth item on your checklist for preparing your slide library is to optimize your slides with the proper graphics format and resolution. Not all slides I come across are optimized by design. Slides having overlapping graphics should have their own boundaries. Grouped graphics with transparency should be properly prepared in Photoshop in PNG file format and not rely on a wizard or tool within PowerPoint. Poor graphics formats will be caught and flagged by most online slide library and presentation management tools.

The sixth item on your checklist deals with user common denominators such as font types. Bullet points are a concern because not all desktop bullets translate properly online, especially if the bullets are based on a font installed on the designer’s local computer. We have come across bullet conversion issues on a slide for a multi-national corporation. It was a font issue, so we simply installed that font on our server to support our client’s requirements on the fly. However, it is a good practice to standardize design and style such that fonts used in your presentations are readily available on your user’s computer, and thus preserving your brand as intended during distribution and download. (I recommend skipping the bullets and having infographics designed in their place. Your slides will look more professional and your message will be heard more clearly than bullets.)

The seventh task can be a little daunting when a user inserts a 4000 x 3500-pixel resolution photograph on a slide or their web homepage. Graphics resolution and size problems continuously come up in slides because of inexperienced users mixing print and screen resolution when inserting images in slides without editing the images first.

Using 300 dpi print resolution images on slides intended for 72 dpi screen presentation and online distribution unnecessarily increases the file size. This becomes measurable when the administrator has to upload hundreds of presentation decks having 200%, 300%, or even larger sizes than necessary simply due to a lack of optimization. This is why it’s necessary for you to prepare and optimize presentations slide by slide. You will be able to truly utilize the power of an online slide library and reap tremendous benefits. It pays to prepare.

There you have it. I have shared the top seven problems our clients have faced with their slide library preparation and tips to resolve these issues. I present to you a possible road to success when your company decides to embrace the Presentation System and empower your teams for more wins.

You may ask, “We have over 3,000 slides, how do we create so many folders and upload these presentations?

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, I still get goosebumps when the innovation we create does its job. It feels magical to me, so I am very pleased to introduce a tool called “Library Builder.” It automatically replicates or creates all folders and uploads your presentations from your local slide library onto the iClickPoint intelligent slide library system for you.

This alone will save you a week’s worth of tedious manual labor. I hope you can see how beautiful and almost magical this tool can be from the company’s presentation manager’s point of view. What a sigh of relief! Web Epoch can help make your presentation management headaches go away.

Rajiv Prasad is the Chief Innovation Officer at Web Epoch Interactive and the creator of iClickPoint presentation management system. To sign-up for our 90-day pilot program, please visit www.iclickpoint.com and submit the contact form.