Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Presentation Management for Sales and Marketing

The Presentation Management application is a tactical success tool for today’s marketing and sales executives. This app consists of three main modules working in tandem to support your marketing and sales departments. These features include administrative control, a slide library, and the presentation composer. The presentation composer is an advanced drag-and-drop tool for building custom presentations at incredible speed.

Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library
Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

You use the presentation composer to search your PowerPoint slide library, find “choice” slides, and assemble your presentation extremely fast. You can create presentations much quicker than with PowerPoint alone. You also have access to the latest approved slides with proper branding to promote your success. You now have a centralized slide library for building your presentation masterpiece. You no longer have to worry about creating your slides from scratch.

The presentation manager or administrator is responsible for building the company’s slide library for use by all departments across the enterprise. A presentation management system not only benefits the marketing and sales departments but also helps the CEO, CFO, HR, training, and the rest of the team in your company.

The slide library administrator is responsible for organizing the company’s PowerPoint content in a folder tree hierarchy. The slide library is easily navigable and searchable by your executive teams when building a presentation. The presentation creators send the final approved slides to the slide library administrator for indexing. The administrator strategically adds keywords to the slide so that users can find them during a search.

PowerPoint is limited in managing its content. It is lacking a database, search, slide library, keyword tagging slides, and much more. The Presentation Management system, however, is explicitly designed to reduce the time it takes to create a presentation.

With the abilities to search a slide library and reuse slides, you can create presentations faster than your competitors. This sales enablement process reduces the overall business operational cost for many departments. You have activity reports to monitor users and content to improve business efficiency further.

Your presentation management system has many advanced features for increasing marketing and sales productivity. The main slide library is the engine that drives the Presentation Management system. You can also build a personal slide library for your frequently used slide, by tagging a slide as a “favorite.” The slide content, notes, meta properties, and custom keyword tags are all indexed in the database and available for search.

After you save your custom presentation, you can download or share a link via email with prospects and clients. You have a call to action notifying the recipient to view quickly because the presentation has an expiration. You can add personalization by adding names and the presentation date on the welcome slide. For the next opportunity, you can modify a saved presentation or build a new one by searching and using favorite slides.


Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Presentation Management for Technology Firms

Intelligent PowerPoint Slide Library

Technology Firms recognize the value of web tools and mobile apps that increase the productivity for their management, marketing, and sales executive teams. You, the CEO, C-level bosses, VP heroes, Sales and Marketing executives can build better presentations faster than your current method with Epoch Slide™.

A vital component of a presentation management system is a robust, intelligent slide library for PowerPoint content. You leverage the slide library by searching and reusing “choice” slides to create custom presentations faster than PowerPoint alone. Creating a custom presentation for each opportunity is time-consuming. A presentation management allows administrators to upload, manage and update 1000s of slides efficiently. A slide library and a composer are sub-systems that automate the process of creating a custom PowerPoint business presentation very quickly.

The technology firm has accumulated hundreds of presentations decks having thousands of PowerPoint slides. Evolving technology and business progress inspire to create slides on a regular basis to stay up to date. Every sales executive requires up to date slides with accurate information to fully execute the process to close a deal.

Technology firms serve large corporations and SMB and rely on using PowerPoint slides for effective marketing & sales communication. A specialized tool is required to manage those presentation slides while keeping them up to date.

Epoch Slide is a specialized tool for building your custom presentation faster than in PowerPoint alone. We worked with our client over the years, honing this tool for creating presentation rapidly. Search the Epoch Slide Library by keyword to find precise slides for creating your technology presentation. You have advanced features for reusing digital slides or a group of slides such as product or SaaS modules for building a would-be client presentation quickly.

You reuse and assemble product or SaaS modules to compose a custom presentation faster than current methods.”

SharePoint, FTP, Google Drive, DropBox, and email are inadequate tools for managing thousands of slides because they lack features when compared to a presentation management systems. Let’s say you are required to update 40 new slides created in 2017 across one or two-hundred presentation decks containing three to six-thousand slides. You open the source presentation, copy the required individual or groups of slides, open the target file, and paste in each presentation deck and correct position one by one. Then, repeat the same procedure hundreds of times, engaging 100+ presentation decks, deleting old slides, and pasting the new slides in the correct order, multiple times. You’re not adding all 40 slides at once in a deck; you must selectively update each presentation deck. This manual process is extremely laborious and time-consuming; it can take thirty or forty hours to complete. Even after the slide update procedure is complete, the distribution of the slide library throughout the organization is inadequate.

Now, imagine that Epoch Slide Presentation Management System, with a smart slide library, has automated this slide update process to save up to 80% of the required time for the same task. By uploading and replacing the original instance of the updated slide, all copies of this slide are updated across multiple decks instantly and made available to users. Furthermore, the process to create a custom presentation for each opportunity is improved significantly by creating a better PowerPoint presentation.

Using your firm’s slide library, you create a custom presentation in hours as compared to days or even weeks with PowerPoint alone. You are empowered because have access to the entire slide library of approved and final content. You can search the slide library by keyword to find choice slides, assemble the slides in the desired order, and download them to your laptop.

Here are twelve benefits for a technology consulting firm that automates PowerPoint presentation management.

  1. Centralized slide library
  2. Quickly update slides across multiple decks
  3. Eliminate slide update headaches
  4. Intelligent slide library
  5. Powerful keyword search
  6. Build presentations extremely fast
  7. Reuse and assemble slides
  8. Desktop, laptop, or iPad app
  9. Share your presentation with expiration date
  10. Brand consistency
  11. Videos and animation

Presentation management systems increase your presentation composition productivity by manifold. The Epoch Slide workflow process provides the tools to build a custom presentation technology consulting firms looking to create custom sales presentations.


Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Easy-to-use Presentation Builder for C-Level Executives

Presentation Builder for Sales & Training Executives

Busy business executives need an intuitive presentation builder app to create better presentations faster than with PowerPoint alone. This is accomplished by using an intelligent slide library management system for PowerPoint content hosted online. This is collectively known as a presentation management system.

The Presentation Builder has an intuitive UI (user interface) that provides an enhanced user experience (UX). While creating your presentation quickly, you feel proud of the productivity increase and your progress in creating better, more accurate presentations.

Presentation Builder
Presentation Builder

“You can react quickly to every opportunity faster than your competitor.”

You can search, locate, select, drag, and drop choice slides in the “Presentation Builder” window. Here, reorder the slides as needed, add intro and ending slides, save your custom presentation, and download a PPTX file to your laptop for the delivery of your presentation.

Easy-to-Use & Powerful

You can tag slides as favorites and build your own mini library for reuse. To increase your productivity, even more, tag your frequently used slides. They are easily available in your “Favorite” folder for selection and reuse. Your “Favorite” slides help you build better presentations even faster and improve productivity over time. Next time, create a new presentation using Favorites and other slides you search for.

Slide Notes, Animation, and Hyperlinks

Notes, animation, and hyperlinks are all vital parts of a presentation. When you download a custom presentation with special formatting, these objects or even animations are preserved and can be presented from a laptop.

iPad App

The Presentation Composer app on the iPad is called Presentation Pad™. Developed as a native app, it works online and offline so you can compose presentations quickly in a web version. You can share your custom presentations with a link via email with an expiration date. You can also present directly from your iPad to a large HD screen.

Approved Slides Increase Productivity

You and your team are constantly creating new presentation slides before the delivery-time rush. There’s a better way with “Approved Slide Library” because each slide has the latest accurate content. You simply search, select, assemble, save, and download your presentation for delivery. You no longer have to tweak message last minute, because all your slides are approved. If you must make some changes, no problem. Simply download your custom presentation and tweak it using PowerPoint on your laptop.

Industries & Application

Presentation management is essential for small, medium, and large organizations with thousands of slides to manage, update and distribute to teams. It has plenty of potential for application in the following areas:

  • Scientific
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consulting & Media
  • Energy, Oil, and Gas
  • Consulting & Training
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Banking & Financial Services

Many department executives can build better presentations faster than with their current process by adopting a presentation management system with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop presentation builder. You must try Presentation Composer to truly experience how quickly you can create presentations by leveraging an approved slide library. It is perfect for the following applications:

  • Sales
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Scientific Liaisons
  • Corporate Communications

Centralized Slide Library Solution

At the heart of the presentation management solution is a centralized  PowerPoint Slide Library containing approved final content. With searchable access to approved slides, you can create presentations 500% faster than with PowerPoint alone. You will save many hours, days, and weeks by not having to design and compose your own slides. No research time is needed to validate slide data and accuracy, all are approved.

You can search the slide library with keywords and select choice slides to truly compose great presentations faster than ever before with a highly-specialized tool such as Epoch Slide™, developed specifically for this purpose.


Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

4 Ways to Organize Your PowerPoint Slide Library

Empower your Executives with a PowerPoint Slide Library

Remember Compel? My audience was really wowed by Compel’s animation capabilities back in 1992–94!

PowerPoint came along and was disseminated and accepted around the globe. Knowledgeable employees started creating slides across their organizations, and now, corporations have thousands of slides scattered across file systems. However, managing your slides using a file system is costing you time and money unnecessarily.

PowerPoint Slide Library

Presentation Management System

A Presentation Management with an intelligent slide library system for PowerPoint content is the answer.

A PowerPoint Slide Library is a specialized app for the purpose of leveraging corporate slides through re-using them to create a custom presentation to leverage the current opportunity. Provide your team with an intuitive presentation composer that lets them create presentations at least five times faster than their current method using PowerPoint alone.

The power to reuse corporate slides across the organization allows you to create presentations superfast. Your brand stays intact, and your presentation looks much better with consistency, accuracy, and compliance.

As the PowerPoint administrator, you are responsible for presentation content, either creating slides or managing employees and vendors who are creating slides for you. You can organize your PowerPoint slides in an online library fully customized to your organizational needs.

During the past decade of my experience in presentation management, I have seen clients and prospects organize their PowerPoint dissemination practices in various ways. Based on these observations, I recommend the following four ways to set up your PowerPoint slide library.

  1. Slides
  2. Full Presentations
  3. Presentations & Slides
  4. Presentations, Slides, and User (executives) Uploads


You can choose to organize your online slide library by slide categories. Your teams can search for slides by keywords, select choice slides, and add them to Presentation Composer™. You can organize your slides in the composer to rearrange them by adding a welcome, main content, and call-to-action ending slide to complete your custom presentation.


Your organization creates a full presentation and adds to the PowerPoint slide library. Your presentation library is organized by category. In most cases, you are delivering full presentations to your teams and allowing them to customize slides. You allow users to select the full presentation from the library to add welcomes and ending call-to-action slides along with bios to complete their presentations.


You provide your team with flexibility for choosing a ready-made presentation and allow them to customize as little or as much as is needed to win the current opportunity. Every opportunity deserves a great presentation. To quickly address an opportunity, you need a presentation management with a powerful search capability to find choice slides for creating your presentation quicker than the competition.


Larger corporations with 10K+ users have asked for the capability of individual users, as opposed to only administrators, to upload custom slides to the library. Only executives can see their own slides, and they can add their custom slides to the presentation composer to create custom presentations for download.

In many cases, you may be already doing one of the above four library organization methods in a file system and email process. Your goal should be to evaluate Epoch Slide™ presentation management system to increase PowerPoint administration productivity while reducing overall operational costs. Provide users with an intuitive way to build better presentations faster than their current method so they can close more deals for your business.


Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Why Centralize Corporate PowerPoint Slide Library?

A Centralized PowerPoint Slide Library is Paramount

 Corporations have accumulated thousands of PowerPoint slides across multiple departments with little or no organization. The PowerPoint slides are decentralized across the creator’s network folder and shared with only immediate colleagues. The corporation has no idea of how many slides exist across their organization. Furthermore, many of those slides may not be current or approved by management for compliance. In many cases, slide duplicates exist with multiple content creators. Most likely, your business struggles to manually make multiple slide updates across numerous presentation decks hosted on a file system. Then, upon update, it can easily disseminate updated slide decks across your organization.
Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library
Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Presentation Management System

Presentation Management System, with an intelligent slide library, provide tools for sharing approved PowerPoint slides across the enterprise to benefit your organization. Your centralized slide library boosts your team’s custom presentation-building productivity in many ways compared to using PowerPoint alone. You can search for slides by specific keyword to locate choice slides for your custom presentation. Your team always has access to the latest approved slides for use and reuse. Visual reports provide user activity history for building and downloading presentations and slides.

PowerPoint Slide Library
A slide library is a powerful tool for managing slide and presentation updates. A version control provides a visual history of replaced slides. Using the slide library advanced tool, the administrator can create custom presentations for teams’ use as full, topic-specific presentations. The administrators’ productivity is increased significantly because you are reusing approved slides. Working outside PowerPoint also increases productivity due to advanced features in a presentation management system.

As the Epoch Slide administrator, you build your PowerPoint slide library the way your organization is set up. You structure your PowerPoint slide library folder tree based on your team’s’ roles and provide the granular permission. A good slide library folder tree structure provides a great user experience, allowing users to easily drill down to the slides they need. For a powerful search ability, you tag slides with relevant keywords so users can easily find the correct slides.

Presentation Composer
Your executive and sales teams gain tremendous benefits from a centralized corporate PowerPoint Slide Library because they can build better presentations faster by using approved slides. You can search by keywords to find choice slides to use in your presentation. You re-use existing slides by searching, selecting, and arranging to compose a custom PowerPoint presentation faster than ever before.

You can save your custom-built PowerPoint presentation to use again or edit to create another version of a custom presentation. Once your presentation is complete, you can share with clients and prospects. You can gently remind them that your presentation expires in 48 hours, so they should act soon.

Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Epoch Presentation Builder™ for the CEO

Epoch Presentation Builder™ is Intuitive

They say PowerPoint makes it easy to build bad presentations with too many bullets and content, crowding the limited slide space.

CEOs have even less time than other employees to deliver a great presentation every time. So, how do they do it?

We know that there is a great team behind every CEO that brings their skills to the table. The company’s expertise is displayed on multiple slides; however, these PowerPoint slides are currently stored in antiquated formats such as SharePoint, FTP, online drive, and others. These are not designed for managing a PowerPoint slide library and have no presentation builder or composer capabilities. Therefore, it is difficult to find the right slides quickly.

Epoch Slide™ is an easy-to-use tool for composing better presentations faster. Once your team builds the company’s Slide Library with thousands of slides, you can use the Epoch Presentation Composer™ to search and find “final and approved” slides for immediate use. Develop a standard for managing your PowerPoint slide content, thus preserving your brand while maintaining compliance with version control “snapshots” for auditing.

By separating slide creation from presentation building, the CEO can compose better presentations faster than with PowerPoint alone. For nine years, we have been improving our tools, which are built from the ground up for CEOs and executives to leverage the slide libraries of their companies on-demand.

Use the powerful keyword search for finding and selecting choice slides; composing the introductory, middle, and ending content of your custom presentation; and answering the current opposition in style by creating and delivering superior presentations.

As the CEO, you are probably creating at least one presentation per month to realize the ROI of your presentation management subscription. Investor Pitch, Board Meeting Update, Company Vision Pitch, and Keynote are just a few types of the presentation software that will cross your desk this year.

Use the Epoch Slide™ intelligent slide library to organize and manage your PowerPoint slides and video content. Your administrator can upload and organize full PowerPoint presentations, groups of slides, or individual slides so you can access them quickly.
If you are not using a presentation management system or any other PowerPoint CMS, then you may not have a centralized library with an integrated presentation builder. As you can imagine, there are many benefits of an on-demand centralized slide library that delivers the latest approved content to the entire enterprise. With Epoch Slide™, you can create better presentations faster than with PowerPoint alone.

If you could create a custom presentation for every opportunity that comes along, would that increase the closing rate?

We are confident that it would increase not only your closing rate but your productivity as well. You can create presentations on your desktop, compose while mobile in a limo or at a coffee shop, and access your entire slide library along with the Presentation Composer™ from your iPad app.

The Epoch Presentation™ App for the iPad allows CEOs to work on their presentations while mobile. Synchronize before you leave, and you can work offline with complete access to your local slide library database from your iPad.
You owe it to yourself to test drive Epoch Slide™. Discover how much faster you—and your entire company—can build better presentations.

Sign up for a 30-day trial today.