Training Firms Use Epoch Slide® Presentation Management for Course Development

Leveraging specialized technology is the secret to attaining a competitive edge in business. Training Firms use Epoch® Slide Presentation Management to build courseware faster than PowerPoint® alone. Epoch® Slide solves a real serious problem for training and consulting firms that have accumulated thousands of PowerPoint slides spread across hundreds of presentation decks. Instructors and Consultants rely on PowerPoint slides as support material for training their clients.

Training and Management Consulting firms that cater to large corporations use PowerPoint slides for effective communication while delivering their courseware. A small consulting firm of 15 employees can have 3,000 slides and require a specialized tool to manage those presentation slides while keeping them up to date. Our clients use the Epoch® Slide Presentation Management system to build their courseware faster than using PowerPoint. The Epoch® Slide intelligent library is searchable by keywords to find the best slides for the courseware you are creating. Boost productivity by reusing training modules and arranging them to compose new custom courseware faster than current methods.

Quickly Update Slides Across Hundreds of Presentation Decks

The common storage tools such as SharePoint, FTP, SharedDrive, DropBox, and Email are poor tools for managing thousands of PowerPoint slides. These storage tools have basic functions and do not offer any features for Presentation Management needs. Imagine you must update 50 new slides across hundred plus PowerPoint decks with a library of few thousand slides.  In this scenario, you are performing laborious tasks where as you would copy the required individual slide, open the target PowerPoint file, and paste in each slide, in the correct order in every presentation deck.

Then repeat the same procedure hundreds of times opening a hundred plus presentation decks, deleting old slides, and pasting the new slides in the correct order, multiple times. You’re not pasting all 50 slides at once in a deck, you must selectively update each deck. This manual process is extremely laborious and time-consuming that can easily take a week or more to complete. Even after the slide update procedure is complete, the inadequate distribution of slide libraries throughout the organization for quickly creating custom courseware remains.

Course Development with an Intelligent Slide Library

Now imagine that Epoch® Slide, an intelligent slide library with a presentation management system. Epoch® Slide has automated the slide management and update process to save 90% of the required time. By uploading and replacing the original instance of the updated slide, all instances of this slide are updated across multiple decks instantly and available to users.

Epoch® Slide Composer allows users to create quickly custom PowerPoint presentations using the intelligent slide library. You can search slides by keywords, tag them as favorites and reuse slides to significantly reduce the time for creating better PowerPoint presentations. Using your firm’s slide library, you create a custom presentation in hours as compared to days or even weeks. This is realized because you have access to the entire slide library of approved and final content. You no longer have to create slides from scratch, all you do is find and assemble slides quickly to create custom targeted courseware. 


11 Benefits Using Presentation Management to Build Courseware

  1. centralized slide library available to users worldwide
  2. instantly update slides  across multiple decks
  3. eliminates administrative headaches while creating courseware
  4. search intelligent slide library 
  5. quickly create better presentations 
  6. create while on the go on your iPad
  7. share your presentation link with expire date
  8. protect the brand by locking slides 
  9. improve messaging with videos and animation
  10. create custom presentations faster by reusing favorite slides
  11. create courseware faster than other current methods

Our case study and client feedback provide an insight that Presentation Management systems increase your courseware development productivity by multiple folds. Epoch Slide workflow process provides the tools to build custom courseware in record time. Epoch Slide presentation management system is simply a must-have productivity-boosting tool for training and consulting firms looking for improving courseware management.