Presentation Builder for Sales & Training Executives

Busy business executives need an intuitive presentation builder app to create better presentations faster than with PowerPoint alone. This is accomplished by using an intelligent slide library management system for PowerPoint content hosted online. This is collectively known as a presentation management system. The Presentation Builder has an intuitive UI (user interface) that provides an enhanced user experience (UX). While creating your presentation quickly, you feel proud of the productivity increase and your progress in creating better, more accurate presentations.
Presentation Builder

Presentation Builder

“You can react quickly to every opportunity faster than your competitor.” You can search, locate, select, drag, and drop choice slides in the “Presentation Builder” window. Here, reorder the slides as needed, add intro and ending slides, save your custom presentation, and download a PPTX file to your laptop for the delivery of your presentation.

Easy-to-Use & Powerful

You can tag slides as favorites and build your own mini library for reuse. To increase your productivity, even more, tag your frequently used slides. They are easily available in your “Favorite” folder for selection and reuse. Your “Favorite” slides help you build better presentations even faster and improve productivity over time. Next time, create a new presentation using Favorites and other slides you search for.

Slide Notes, Animation, and Hyperlinks

Notes, animation, and hyperlinks are all vital parts of a presentation. When you download a custom presentation with special formatting, these objects or even animations are preserved and can be presented from a laptop.

iPad App

The Presentation Composer app on the iPad is called Presentation Pad™. Developed as a native app, it works online and offline so you can compose presentations quickly in a web version. You can share your custom presentations with a link via email with an expiration date. You can also present directly from your iPad to a large HD screen.

Approved Slides Increase Productivity

You and your team are constantly creating new presentation slides before the delivery-time rush. There’s a better way with “Approved Slide Library” because each slide has the latest accurate content. You simply search, select, assemble, save, and download your presentation for delivery. You no longer have to tweak message last minute, because all your slides are approved. If you must make some changes, no problem. Simply download your custom presentation and tweak it using PowerPoint on your laptop.

Industries & Application

Presentation management is essential for small, medium, and large organizations with thousands of slides to manage, update and distribute to teams. It has plenty of potential for application in the following areas:
  • Scientific
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consulting & Media
  • Energy, Oil, and Gas
  • Consulting & Training
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Banking & Financial Services
Many department executives can build better presentations faster than with their current process by adopting a presentation management system with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop presentation builder. You must try Presentation Composer to truly experience how quickly you can create presentations by leveraging an approved slide library. It is perfect for the following applications:
  • Sales
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Scientific Liaisons
  • Corporate Communications

Centralized Slide Library Solution

At the heart of the presentation management solution is a centralized  PowerPoint Slide Library containing approved final content. With searchable access to approved slides, you can create presentations 500% faster than with PowerPoint alone. You will save many hours, days, and weeks by not having to design and compose your own slides. No research time is needed to validate slide data and accuracy, all are approved. You can search the slide library with keywords and select choice slides to truly compose great presentations faster than ever before with a highly-specialized tool such as Epoch Slide™, developed specifically for this purpose.