Epoch Presentation™ iPad App – A Presentation Builder

Epoch Presentation™ iPad App – Easy Presentation Builder

Synchronize your Slide Library with our iPad App and Build Presentations Offline at Touch Speed

Epoch Presentation™ iPad App is an easy to use Presentation Builder that works both in online and offline mode. Once your PowerPoint Slide Library is synchronized with the Epoch Presentation™ iPad App, you’re ready to compose or build you presentation  very quickly. Our search works extremely fast to locate those choice slides for your presentation. Select the slides you want and add to the Presentation Composer to begin building your presentation.


You can rearrange the slides in the order you want by adding introduction  slides, main content slides and your ending slides to complete your presentation.  You can download your presentation  on your laptop for a large audience or play directly from the iPad for a up close and personal engagement. You can also send a secure link to a colleague and a public link to a prospect or a client by email.

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