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Epoch Pad™ HTML 5 Presentation Composer & Builder

Leverage your company’s slide library in Epoch Slide™ presentation management system.

Use Epoch Pad™ presentation composer to create better presentations faster on your iPad & HTML Tablets and PCs.

Epoch Pad™ HTML App received significant updates and upgrades in 2015 & 2016 as part of slowly leaving our flagship desktop product supporting flash. Many of the administrative functions are now available in Epoch Pad™ HTML App for users who are mobile. Our HTML 5 App provide opportunity for more users to have access to Epoch Pad™ who do not have an iPad.

Epoch Pad™ integrates with DropBox for importing you static slides into Epoch Pad™ so users can actually be productive creating better presentations in less time than current method. integration with Epoch Pad™ provide one click single sign-on experience for the users. You now have bi-directional capability to link your custom presentation with each opportunity.  Launch your presentation directly from your account, no need for PowerPoint player.

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Build Better Custom Presentations with Epoch Pad


Users have everything from the familiar desktop UI plus some advanced features for sharing private and public presentation links. In addition, users can play back their presentation on the mobile device.

iClickPad™ is now Epoch Pad™.