iClickPadTM Mobile Presentation Builder

iClickPadTM mobile presentation builder got a test drive during a real-life situation while visiting a client.

My MacBook Pro failed to boot due to a short in the power cord. Using my iPad 2, I logged in to our iClickPoint presentation management system and was able to access my presentation I created earlier. At this time we are in beta testing however iClickPad let me provide an up-close personal presentation on Web Epoch’s capabilities during my meeting. It not only save the day, but demonstrates a perfect example that sales executives and speakers are moving from laptop to iPad, tablets, and smart devices to deliver their message.

Last Friday I was at a client’s office for a meeting because there was a new VP of program development that wanted to meet with me in person.

I took my Macbook Pro, my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s with me as my presentation devices. Before leaving my office I uploaded my PPT presentation to iClickPointTM and saved it so I can pull it up in my iPad for beta testing iClickPad mobile presentation builder and player.

Since the Macbook pro failed to get power, I quickly logged in iClickPointTM and began to show my presentation in full screen on my iPad2. I asked my client to sit closer and was able to deliver an intimate presentation of Web Epoch capabilities, some of which he already likes such as the website interactive UI and synchronized presentations we designed and developed for www.rmanj.com.

The client’s new interest was mobile apps for eLearning and we were able visit the App Store to see the five star  *****review of our StocksandNews iPad app we developed as well as provide a tour of the actual iPad app already installed. I could not have asked for a better platform to present my Web Epoch’s capabilities if I had planned it from scratch.

We created a mobile video that replicated a flash animation that played beautifully on the iPad. The demo was meant for iPhone resolution but the wi-fi connection failed for the iPhone. However, the video played beautifully on the iPad and the presentation was powered by iClickPoint & iClickPlay!