Epoch Presentation Builder™ is Easy to use

They say PowerPoint makes it easy to build bad presentations with too many bullets and content, crowding the limited slide space.

CEOs have even less time than other employees to deliver a great presentation every time. So, how do they do it?

We know that there is a great team behind every CEO that brings their skills to the table. The company’s expertise is displayed on multiple slides; however, these PowerPoint slides are currently stored in antiquated formats such as SharePoint, FTP, online drive, and others. These are not designed for managing a PowerPoint slide library and have no presentation builder or composer capabilities. Therefore, it is difficult to find the right slides quickly.

Epoch Slide™ is an easy-to-use tool for composing better presentations faster. Once your team builds the company’s Slide Library with thousands of slides, you can use the Epoch Presentation Composer™ to search and find “final and approved” slides for immediate use. Develop a standard for managing your PowerPoint slide content, thus preserving your brand while maintaining compliance with version control “snapshots” for auditing.

Intuitive Presentation Builder is Fast

By separating slide creation from presentation building, the CEO can compose better presentations faster than with PowerPoint alone. For eleven years we have been improving our tools, which are built from the ground up for CEOs and executives to leverage the slide libraries of their companies on-demand.

Use the powerful keyword search for finding and selecting choice slides; composing the introductory, middle, and ending content of your custom presentation; and answering the current opposition in style by creating and delivering superior presentations.

As the CEO, you are probably creating at least one presentation per month to realize the ROI of your presentation management subscription. Investor Pitch, Board Meeting Update, Company Vision Pitch, and Keynote are just a few types of presentation software that will cross your desk this year.

Intelligent Slide Library to Organize PowerPoint Content

Use the Epoch Slide™ intelligent slide library to organize and manage your PowerPoint slides and video content. Your administrator can upload and organize full PowerPoint presentations, groups of slides, or individual slides so you can access them quickly.

If you are not using a presentation management system or any other PowerPoint CMS, then you may not have a centralized library with an integrated presentation builder. As you can imagine, there are many benefits of an on-demand centralized slide library that delivers the latest approved content to the entire enterprise. With Epoch Slide™, you can create better presentations faster than with PowerPoint alone.

Increase Productivity Using Epoch® Slide Presentation Builder

If you could create a custom presentation for every opportunity that comes along, would that increase the closing rate?

We are confident that it would increase not only your closing rate but your productivity as well. You can create presentations on your desktop, compose while mobile in a limo or at a coffee shop, and access your entire slide library along with the Presentation Composer™ from your iPad app.

The Epoch Presentation™ App for the iPad allows CEOs to work on their presentations while mobile. Synchronize before you leave, and you can work offline with complete access to your local slide library database from your iPad.
You owe it to yourself to test-drive Epoch Slide™. Discover how much faster you—and your entire company—can build better presentations.

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