Empower your Executives with a PowerPoint Slide Library

Remember Compel? My audience was really wowed by Compel’s animation capabilities back in 1992–94!

PowerPoint came along and was disseminated and accepted around the globe. Knowledgeable employees started creating slides across their organizations, and now, corporations have thousands of slides scattered across file systems. However, managing your slides using a file system is costing you time and money unnecessarily.

PowerPoint Slide Library

Presentation Management System

A Presentation Management with an intelligent slide library system for PowerPoint content is the answer.

A PowerPoint Slide Library is a specialized app for the purpose of leveraging corporate slides through re-using them to create a custom presentation to leverage the current opportunity. Provide your team with an intuitive presentation composer that lets them create presentations at least five times faster than their current method using PowerPoint alone.

The power to reuse corporate slides across the organization allows you to create presentations superfast. Your brand stays intact, and your presentation looks much better with consistency, accuracy, and compliance.

As the PowerPoint administrator, you are responsible for presentation content, either creating slides or managing employees and vendors who are creating slides for you. You can organize your PowerPoint slides in an online library fully customized to your organizational needs.

During the past decade of my experience in presentation management, I have seen clients and prospects organize their PowerPoint dissemination practices in various ways. Based on these observations, I recommend the following four ways to set up your PowerPoint slide library.

  1. Slides
  2. Full Presentations
  3. Presentations & Slides
  4. Presentations, Slides, and User (executives) Uploads


You can choose to organize your online slide library by slide categories. Your teams can search for slides by keywords, select choice slides, and add them to Presentation Composer™. You can organize your slides in the composer to rearrange them by adding a welcome, main content, and call-to-action ending slide to complete your custom presentation.


Your organization creates a full presentation and adds to the PowerPoint slide library. Your presentation library is organized by category. In most cases, you are delivering full presentations to your teams and allowing them to customize slides. You allow users to select the full presentation from the library to add welcomes and ending call-to-action slides along with bios to complete their presentations.

Presentations and Slides

You provide your team with flexibility for choosing a ready-made presentation and allow them to customize as little or as much as is needed to win the current opportunity. Every opportunity deserves a great presentation. To quickly address an opportunity, you need presentation management with a powerful search capability to find choice slides for creating your presentation quicker than the competition.

Presentations, Slides, and Executive Uploads

Larger corporations with 10K+ users have asked for the capability of individual users, as opposed to only administrators, to upload custom slides to the library. Only executives can see their own slides, and they can add their custom slides to the presentation composer to create custom presentations for download.

In many cases, you may be already doing one of the above four library organization methods in a file system and email process. Your goal should be to evaluate Epoch® Slide presentation management system to increase PowerPoint administration productivity while reducing overall operational costs. Provide users with an intuitive way to build better presentations faster than their current method so they can close more deals for your business.