iClickPPT™ A PowerPoint Plugin

Boonton, New Jersey – March 4, 2014 – iClickPoint™ is a startup founded by Web Epoch CEO Rajiv Prasad to provide speaker and sales support by allowing users to create custom presentations on-demand. iClickPoint™, iClickPad™, iCLickPlay™, iClickPPT™, iClickSFDC™, iClickBox™ are a suite of products available as SaaS to enhance the user’s ability to managing a company slide library, documents, and short videos.

iClickPPT™ Plugin for PowerPoint now offers presenters the capability of directly uploading to the “cloud” slides and presentations created inside PowerPoint. The plugin provides a permission setting and button for an easy one-click upload to your iClickPoint™ account folder. Once your PowerPoint slide decks are uploaded, you can access the Presentation Composer on desktops, iPads, and HTML 5 Tablets. From here, you can create that perfect custom presentation. iClickPoint™ and iClickPad™ are intuitive and simple to comprehend; users just select folders, presentations, and slides for the exact material they desire.

While in iClickPoint™ Composer, users can drag & drop and shuffle their slides into the intro, main and the ending sections. You can customize the welcome slide to include the recipient of the presentation as well as slide data to reflect report specifics. Once satisfied with your presentation, it is fast and efficient to save, download, share a link, or simply use iClickPlay™ to show your work on a desktop, tablet or your iPad with digital video strategically embedded. You can send secure links to your clients or a public link to prospects, allowing them to see the presentation after an initial sales call.

iClickPPT™ Plugin for PowerPoint provides CEOs, CXOs, VPs, speakers, and sales executives entry to iClickPoint™ & iCLickPad™ Presentation Builder plus an “enterprise level intelligent slide library” for an affordable price point.  “Before iClickPPT™ plugin, this option was not available. Now individuals and small players can enjoy the same benefits that the big teams enjoy with the iClickPoint™ Enterprise,” says mobile and web app developer, Rajiv Prasad. Users get a tremendous back-end administration system that allows for the management of thousands of slides, version control, reports, tagging, templates, masters, short videos and other advanced functions associated with presentations, documents, and media libraries.

A few years back, several companies started asking for the solutions now provided by iClickPoint™ and iClickPad™. Corporations of all sizes, however, are still using email to send slides and presentation decks back and forth, resulting in enormous wasted space with exponential duplicate files and versions and no inherent order or intelligence. iClickPoint™ and iClickPad™ solve the problem elegantly. A demo reveals the many timely benefits of the new products.

Web Epoch Interactive Inc. is based in Boonton, New Jersey. The company develops web tools and mobile applications that help automate business operations. Now celebrating 18 years in business, they create custom solutions for businesses that help provide better service to clients. The latest offering is the iClickPoint™ & iClickPad™ intelligent slide library and drag & drop presentation builder. Web Epoch works closely with corporate teams to transfer slides, documents, and other related assets to the iClickPoint™ intelligent slide library to be shared instantly; workgroups can get it anytime, anywhere–whether on a desktop or mobile device.

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