Presentation Management for PowerPoint Slide Library w/ Search

Epoch® Slide enables you to organize your PowerPoint slide library by subject, category, groups, teams, or any way your business operates. You tag each slide with multiple keywords so your sales executives including the CEO can search for “premium choice” slides to create a great presentation.

Intelligent Slide Library Management

As your company’s PowerPoint Manager or Administrator, you face challenges when keeping the many presentation decks up to date by replacing outdated slides. Epoch® Slide eases this laborious burden by automating slide updates within hundreds of presentation decks instantly!

Creating your 1st PowerPoint slide library hierarchy for online dissemination requires some planning. You want to maintain brand consistency while allowing users to search and select “choice slides” to build better presentations than PowerPoint alone.

Your decentralized slide library, scattered across file systems such as SharePoint, FTP,  Google Drive, Dropbox and the company’s network drives, etc. is slow to access and provides no functionality for creating PowerPoint presentations.

Centralized PowerPoint Slide Library

You now need to centralize your slide library folder hierarchy that makes sense for users. You can organize your PowerPoint slide library by products, services, categories, courseware, departments, any way you like.

Use Epoch® Slide editor to create folders and sub-folders levels per your business requirements. You create folders,  upload presentations and slides as you build your company’s PowerPoint Slide Library.

You tag your slides with keywords so users can find them while searching for slides by keywords. Tagging slides with focus keywords allow users to search and locate relevant slides during a search.

Personalized Favorite Slide Library

As an Epoch® Slide user, you can tag slides as “favorites” and create folders to build a personalized favorite slides library.

Next time you reuse slides to increase productivity and reduce time in composing a custom PowerPoint presentation.

In time, the reuse of slides payback exponentially as you quickly create great custom presentations.  


    Online PowerPoint® Slide Library Tip

    Preparing your PowerPoint® presentation decks for a successful upload.

    We recommend that you optimize your slides with 72 dpi screen resolution and/or 300 dpi print resolution based on your requirements. Will the presentation be shown online or on-screen vs. will they be printed and handed out? If printed you will need 300 dpi resolution images.



    10 Tips for Preparing Your PowerPoint Decks for an Online Slide Library.

    1. Slide library prep list
    2. Font consistency
    3. Meta Tags
    4. Keywords
    5. Optimize slides size
    6. Style
    7. Photography
    8. Image editing
    9. Infographics
    10. Masters for multiple brands