PowerPoint Slide LibraryCompanies of all sizes have amassed thousands of slides over the years. The bad news is that these slides are scattered across outdated SharePoint, FTPs, network drives, and shared file systems. None of these systems are designed for presentation management, and none of them have an intelligent slide library.

Due to decentralized storage, users have difficulty finding the right slides to build their presentations quickly. Rather than concentrating on building effective presentations, they are searching in multiple locations and asking colleagues for the latest company-approved slides. Even worse, there are duplicate slides in existence that cannot be located easily, so users create yet more sets of duplicate slides. This is very common throughout many organizations that do not yet have Presentation Management System in place.

Let’s say you have decided to centralize your PowerPoint Slide Library and start evaluating Presentation Management System for your company. Here are some tips to help you organize your PowerPoint Slide Library for your business teams. The Presentation Management System is either available as managed hosting software as a service (SaaS) or an enterprise license installed on your intranet network web server. Regardless of the platform you choose, you will need to upload your entire slide library into Presentation Management System. The PowerPoint Slide Library is the core of the Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management System.

You can build your online slide library folder by folder while uploading multiple presentations. This can be time-consuming if you have thousands of slides and hundreds of folders to upload and organize into a centralized slide library system. In most cases, the slide library is not organized locally, and the administrator tries to upload and organize as they learn to use Presentation Management System. Given the manual interaction of upload, the task completion time increases while you build your library in real time.

There is a better way: mapping your slide library locally on your computer.  As the slide administrator, plan and build your PowerPoint Slide Library on your desktop with all the folders and subfolders organized for users by topic, subject, etc. Configure the Epoch Slide Autoloader with the account credentials, and select the top folder. Click “Upload” and watch the magic as your entire slide library is automatically replicated in Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management System. Since you are not uploading manually, you can work faster to build your slide library and save weeks of work. The Autoloader will automatically create all folders and subfolders as well as upload presentations accordingly to replicate your slide library online.

Once your presentations are in the slide library, you can optimize presentation meta properties and add keyword tags to slides. Presentation meta tags and slide keywords are searchable, so users can find choice slides for their masterpiece. Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management System has many advanced features for its intelligent Slide Library. These advanced features let the administrator optimize the slide library by creating pre-built presentation for users very quickly. In addition to per-built presentations, you tag slides with keywords that help users search and find the right slides quickly.

Using a slide library, your business executive teams can build better presentations faster than they are now.  Training consultants use Epoch Slide™ to build custom courseware faster because PowerPoint do not have these specialized advanced slide management tools. Our client’s feedback say “we speed up course-building” significantly.