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PowerPoint Slide & Presentation Management Solutions Timeline 1997 to Present

Clients rely on Web Epoch for custom presentation management solutions for PowerPoint Slide Library since 1997. We developed custom Flash interactive eLearning applications to deliver PowerPoint® slide decks on CD-ROMs way back in 2003.


Web Epoch Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Presentation Management Solution

Web Epoch Interactive is celebrating 25 years in business. We bring expertise in digital marketing solutions for web and mobile users. We assist your company to leverage leading-edge technologies for creating web & mobile apps to automate your business process while reducing operational costs.

We create compelling interactive web and mobile applications that provide a great user experience and build loyalty.

These solutions show measurable results for your ROI. We can simply deliver more value for your dollar than if you try to do it in-house as “homegrown” applications. Our interactive application development services include;

  • SaaS Application Development
  • iPad, iPhone and & Android App development
  • HTML 5 App for iPad and Smart Tablets
  • automate the business process to increase productivity and reduce costs
Saas vs Enterprise Presentation Management Solutions

PowerPoint Slide Management Timeline 1997 to Present

A Timeline of Presentation Management Solution for PowerPoint Slide Library Content

Clients rely on Web Epoch for custom presentation management solutions for PowerPoint Slide Library since 1997. We developed custom Flash interactive eLearning applications to deliver PowerPoint® slide decks on CD-ROMs way back in 2003.


A PPT Cube Powered by Visual Basic

For the Merrimac Industries Marketing department, we created an Interactive Cube in a PowerPoint slide using Visual Basic programming language. We embed a 3D cube with industry data. On the cube surface, information was presented for our targeted industries; Aerospace, Military, Government, and others.

As an on-site consultant, I created annual meeting presentations for the CEO, marketing presentations for the VP of Marketing, financial presentations, and annual reports for the CFO.


Deliver PowerPoint Decks via CD-ROM

Starting about 2001 to 2005 our MedEd Agency clients’ presentation decks were distributed on both CD-ROMs to Physician Faculties. Gradually by 2004 we deployed PowerPoint decks on the Web as a hybrid solution. Initially, it was ten thousand CD-ROMs with auto-extracting executable files that copied the content to the user’s desktop. Later we started using Flash movies embedded in web pages to do the same, deliver slides and presentations to physician faculties and thought leaders. The next stage was to create a platform for providing a centralized PowerPoint slide library so users can access it anywhere anytime.

For a short while, the Web page complimented the CD-ROM but web applications became the preferred platform because it is more cost-effective than CD-ROM distribution. It was realized that it is less expensive to distribute corporate knowledge-base to a large audience by leveraging online databases for dynamic interactive content.

When developing applications, Web Epoch takes all necessary steps to ensure it is very easy to use. Our mission is for the user to get presentations and slides they need quickly in a user-friendly intuitive interface. Executives can create custom PowerPoint presentations very quickly and download.


Slide Delivery Evolve – CD-ROM to Web

During the Summer of 2005, we developed “Esource” that evolved from a CD-ROM application to a Web application as a custom presentation delivery system for speaker support, thought leaders, and physician faculties in the MedEd and Pharmaceutical industries.


PowerPoint Management Need Realized

Realizing there is a need for a better way for managing and disseminating PowerPoint® presentations and slides, in late 2007 we began phase one developed of iClickPointTM from the ground up and complete a beta 1.0 in 2008.

The symbiotic relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and continuing medical education (CME) is disrupted with the regulatpry changes. The MedEd agencies, our clients need to reinvent the new business. The bottom falls out and our 15 to 20 CME interactive programming projects come to a halt.


Ricoh USA Commissions Web Epoch 

Ricoh USA Commissions Web Epoch to add new Features to iClickPoint™ to support their requirements such as SSO, Groups, and Channels to support five brands. 

iClickPointTM development begins with a new team of senior developers and a clearer vision for an intelligent slide and presentation management system.

Ricoh USA signs a 3-year contract 

iClickPoint™ 2.0 launches with great success. By year-end, the monthly average shows over 2,500 active users. iClickPoint™ localization is used for Portuguese and Spanish for Ricoh Latin America.

iClickPoint™ sign up a Reseller in California. Brings on Infineon as a client.


Presentation Management Solution

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2011 – iClickPoint™ 3.0 Released

iClickPoint 3.0 is released with support for PDF, Doc(x), Xls(x) and SWF. We are very proud to announce that iClickPoint reaches a milestone with over 60,000 slides downloaded.

2012 – iClickPoint™ 3.5 Released

iClickPoint 3.5 is released with support for users, groups, roles and permission management. Web Epoch releases iClickPadTM and iClickPlayTM for iPad, iPhone, Tablets and smart devices supporting HTML5.


iClickPointTM, iClickPadTM and iClickPlayTM is suite of software and services for creating custom PowerPoint presentation with video and slide library management available for desktop & mobile Internet browsers including iPad & HTML 5 Tablets.

2014 – iClickPoint™ gets interests from Professional Training Firms.



2017 – Epoch Slide solves large 1GB video files for NASA

NADA AFRC signs with Web Epoch for Epoch Slide Presentation Management System handling video files from 750MB to 1GB+ in size. Epoch Slide worked with NASA is developing a solution that works.

2018 –


2020 – The lock Slides feature is released.

NASA adds the 2nd Channel in the Epoch Slide Application for another user group.

iClickPoint™ is now Epoch Slide™