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Build Better Presentations with Epoch Composer™

By not having to think about designing your own slides, you concentrate on the delivery of your message to close more deals.

Epoch Presentation™ App for iPad and Epoch Pad™  for HTML5 Tablets are powerful presentation builder tools for leveraging your company’s PowerPoint®  Slide Library.  We kept up with the time and Epoch Composer™ has evolved into a powerful tool for building better custom presentations fast.

By having an approved slide library available on-demand, you can create better presentations faster simply by searching and selecting choice slides. You have the choice of introduction slides, main content slides and ending slides that conclude your presentation with the right take away from your audience.

Use Presentation Pad in a Limo

Presentation Management features including an intelligent library,  tagging slides with keywords, revision control and real-time dissemination of sales & speaker materials provide your team with a competitive edge.

Slides, full presentations, and supporting documents are available to users to address each opportunity with the right information for increasing sales closing rates. Epoch Slide™ and Epoch Composer™ intuitive user interfaces are thoughtfully designed for your productivity.

Increase Sales & Speaker Productivity

Improve sales & speaker productivity Epoch Composer™  because your team is creating better presentations faster than your competitor while increasing their opportunity to close more sales. Conveniently create better custom presentations on the desktop, laptop, iPad or your “favorite” HTML 5 Tablet.

Reduce Administration Headache

Reduce Administration a headache for managing and updating 1000s of slides across multiple decks very efficiently. Tag slides so users can find choice slides to build better presentations. Use version control to adhere to regulatory audit guidelines.

Epoch Slide™ family of products are available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise software license for a dedicated server on your company’s intranet.

Epoch Slide™ presentation and slide library management system let you manage your PowerPoint® content in a more efficient way than email, FTP,  scattered users’ desktop and SharePoint slide library. That’s because they are NOT designed for Presentation Management and Epoch Slide™ was designed specifically for this purpose from having 16 years of slide deck dissemination experience.


Epoch Composer™ Easy Presentation Builder for Slide Library
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Epoch Composer™ Easy Presentation Builder for Slide Library
Epoch Presentation™ iPad App and Epoch Pad™ for HTML5 Tablets are powerful PowerPoint presentation builder tools that is easy to use. Signup for a 14 day trial.