Presentation Management Benefits

Presentation Management Benefits Your Sales Process

Epoch Slide™ presentation management solutions empower your executive, sales and speaker teams to create better presentations faster than current process.

Presentation Management Benefits
Presentation Management Benefits

You can manage PowerPoint  presentations, slides and documents in a centralized online digital asset (content) library that is intuitive and easy to use.

The benefits of Epoch Slide™, Epoch Pad™ and Epoch Presentation™ can be directly measured by the Sales ROI.

The presentation builder have you productive in minutes as you begin using this intuitive tool; enabling busy executive to build presentation faster than their current process on either on their desktop, iPad or HTML 5 Tablet.

Epoch Slide™ and integration empowers your teams to create better custom presentations to respond to the current opportunity more intelligently.

You prefer an online secure centralized intelligent slide and document libraries that allows your organization to securely distribute PowerPoint™ presentations and slides worldwide available anytime anywhere.

You like to easily update internal employees and external contractors with latest slides and documents.

Presentation Management BenefitsYou are ready to invest in a proven, leading edge, on-demand solution that replaces your current slow file system workflow method(s) such as E-mail, FTP or SharePoint slide library. Click here to request a live demo.

Some of the benefits you gain from using Epoch Slide™online slide library management system plus Epoch Pad™ mobile presentation builder are as follows:

Benefits professionals, SMB and multi-national enterprise.

  • adapt to sales opportunity quickly
  • available on-demand & iPad App
  • build better presentations on iPad or Tablet
  • compose better presentations offline
  • increase user productivity
  • increase opportunity closing rate by customizing presentations quickly
  • low cost per user
  • reuse slides to increase presentation efficiency

Increase ROI with Presentation Management

  • avoid email clutter
  • eliminate slide duplication
  • make available to internal and external workforce
  • manage presentations and 1000s of slides intelligently
  • reduce time for global slide update
  • save up-front development cost

Protect Brand Security

  • available anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • adhere to compliance and regulatory guidelines easily
  • deliver only approved slides
  • enable non-editable slides
  • hosted on a secure, managed server
  • increase brand message consistency
  • overcome geographic limitations

“Once you deliver your 1st presentation on your iPad using Epoch Pad™, you won’t go back to any laptop.”

Epoch Slide™ – presentation management for PowerPoint Slide Library is answering your much needed call. We heard your “pain” through evolutionary shared experience and we’re here to help. Epoch Slide™ is an intuitive, easy-to-use presentation builder with advanced features that help you manage and distribute PowerPoint slide library PDF and Word documents to your team in real time.

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Presentation Management Benefits
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Presentation Management Benefits
The benefits of a Presentation Management System are measured on two levels. First, aministrators reduce headache by automating the slide update process, Next, user create better presentations faster than PowerPoint alone.