Presentation Management Case Study 1

Client: Ricoh USA
Ricoh USA is a major office technology manufacturing, service and software company with 5 global Brands. Over 2,500 users and administrators use Epoch Slide™ to access one or more brand library channel(s) to build custom sales presentations. All five channels can be managed by a single administrator based on role, permission and group credentials.

Existing System Replaced
The existing custom slide management system was developed in ColdFusion as a in-house project. The system was limited to a single slide upload at a time that proved to be very time costly. It also used old file system methodology to view thumbnails and had no drag & drop ease of use. It was in operation for 18 months and replaced by Epoch Slide™ SaaS solution and support.

Solution with ROI
Epoch Slide™
presentation management systems with drag & drop presentation builder. The client’s slide library serves over 2500 active user per month from a total pool of license, indicating favorable acceptance and usage. Our high degree of Q&A has developed a stable product that delivers consistence performance and ease of use resulting in less than ten help tickets per year. Most of the support is for updating their Flash player.

Web Epoch was able to electronically convert the folder structure with approximately 3,000 PPT slides from client’s existing library to the Epoch Slide™ with intelligent slide library. This was a huge savings in time needed to recreate the entire library from scratch. Once the library was created in Epoch Slide™ our client was able to edit the folder tree as needed to re-organize the new library for a more cohesive delivery to 1000s of busy marketing and business development executives on a monthly basis. Over 60,000 slides was downloaded in 2011 by users. In 2012 85,000 slides downloaded by average 1500 users/mo.