Presentation Management Case Study 2

Client: Reseller: CatapultWorks (previously Pipeline Solutions, CA)
Epoch Slide™ Users: Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies focuses on the three central challenges facing modern society: Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security and offers semiconductors and system solutions for automotive & industrial electronics and chip card & security applications.

Existing System
Email, local and shared drive.

Solution with ROI
Epoch Slide™
presentation management systems with drag & drop presentation builder was increased from 25 users to 100 users with a short time. We worked with Pipeline Solutions to clarify some slide master issues and demonstrated a “best practices” direction for creating slides for an online slide library. Epoch Slide™ provides the sales and business development team with a competitive advantage by having presentation on-demand eTool in their business toolkit. Since 2010 Infineon Technologies has leveraged Epoch Slide™ to delver better presentations.