Presentation Management Case Study 4

Client: A Major Technology Manufacturing Co. Latin America
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Existing System | Time Consuming | Loss of Productivity
Email, local and shared drive are very time consuming for searching, requesting, downloading attachments, saving and reusing slides and presentations. Users spend unnecessary time when creating presentations because more time is spent looking for slides, asking a colleague and duplicating content. Administration have headaches when updating slides in multiple decks because it requires significant time and patience.

iClickPoint SaaS Solution with ROI Realized
Web Epoch electronically provided a copy of the USA based Client’s slide library for the Client in Latin America during Epoch Slide™ new slide library account setup. This saved tremendous amount of time by not having to use email and FTP to receive slides from corporate headquarters. Once the English slide library channel was etup, our client was able to download and convert existing slide content from English to Spanish and Portuguese using Google Translate. Our client was then able to upload and tweak their Spanish and Portuguese slide library folder tree structure as needed. Any employee with user permission can can access one or more channels in different countries across Latin America with a single sign-on from their business Web portal.