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Compare SaaS vs. Enterprise Solution with Epoch SlideTM Presentation Management

SaaS – Managed Hosting services are supported by humans 24x7x365

There is a beauty to the SaaS model from both points of views; provider and customer. As the customer, you have an on-demand cool tool that serves your need.  As the provider, We have a platform built over the course of a decade that is refined to provide highly intelligent Presentation Management solution. A crucial component includes a PowerPoint slide library with an advanced search for tagged slides.

  • on-demand 24×7
  • we pay for the server; hardware, software, firewall and Managed Hosting support by humans.
  • we pay for software development, maintenance, and support
  • we listen to our customers and innovative solutions so you work faster
  • you enjoy worry-free “killer app” to create your custom presentations quickly
  • show on your iPad or favorite HTML 5 Tablet
Saas vs Enterprise Presentation Management Solutions
Saas vs Enterprise Presentation Management Solutions

Enterprise Presentation Management SolutionsHosted  Solutions

Enterprise – We install on your dedicated server and database. We support everything you need. We also work your IT team to request a dedicated server for managed Epoch SlideTM support package residing on your intranet network.

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    • integration
    • Active Directory integration
    • Web portal one-click integration
  • Direct URL

Custom Presentation Management Development for the Enterprise

  • Custom User Search Filter
  • Advanced video support
  • CRM integration
  • Custom functionality

Custom Presentation Design

  • Master Theme Design
  • Master Brand Design

Custom Slide Content

  • Slide Animation
  • Slide Graphic Design
  • Slide Illustration
  • Slide Infographic
  • Slide Explainer Video

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