Epoch® Slide Solution Partner and Referral Programs

Leverage Presentation Management

Create new recurring revenue by leveraging the Epoch® Slide Presentation Management System VAR Program. This unique opportunity gives you the ability to earn recurring annual revenue and establish passive income.  Provide your business with a competitive niche by offering leading-edge presentation management solutions. Available as SaaS and Enterprise license that fits all business sizes. Epoch® Slide increases productivity and reduces sales, marketing, and training operation costs for your client’s business.

Epoch® Slide VAR Program

Epoch® Slide VAR program provides a platform for long-term recurring revenue by offering killer productivity apps that are proven easy-to-use by 1000s of users. We are told by users that they don’t want to be tied to their desk at the office, instead, they want to be able to work anytime anywhere to create a presentation.

VAR & Referral Benefits

  • proven demand for our niche
  • new recurring revenue source
  • ride the fast-growing presentation management sector
  • system integration value-add for higher margin
  • earn a commission for a referral



We recommend that you invest in our Solution Partner or Referral Program to earn a recurring commission for perpetuity as the client remains active.


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