Intelligent Slide Library for PowerPoint

A PowerPoint Presentation Management system helps tech firms organize their slide library. Now salesforce can create quickly create custom presentations and share them with prospects and clients. 

Technology Firms recognize the value of web tools and mobile apps that increase the productivity of their management, marketing, and sales executive teams. You, the CEO, C-level bosses, VP heroes, Sales, and Marketing executives can build better presentations faster than your current method with Epoch® Slide.

A vital component of a presentation management system is a robust, intelligent slide library for PowerPoint content. You leverage the slide library by searching and reusing “choice” slides to create custom presentations faster than PowerPoint alone. Creating a custom presentation for each opportunity is time-consuming. Presentation management allows administrators to upload, manage and update 1000s of slides efficiently. A slide library and a composer are sub-systems that automate the process of creating a custom PowerPoint business presentation very quickly.

The technology firm has accumulated hundreds of presentation decks having thousands of PowerPoint slides. Evolving technology and business progress inspire to create slides on a regular basis to stay up to date. Every sales executive requires up-to-date slides with accurate information to fully execute the process to close a deal.

Technology firms serve large corporations and SMB and rely on using PowerPoint slides for effective marketing & sales communication. A specialized tool is required to manage those presentation slides while keeping them up to date.

Epoch Slide is a specialized tool for building your custom presentation faster than in PowerPoint alone. We worked with our client over the years, honing this tool for creating presentations rapidly. Search the Epoch® Slide Library by keyword to find precise slides for creating your technology presentation. You have advanced features for reusing digital slides or a group of slides such as product or SaaS modules for building a would-be client presentation quickly.

You reuse and assemble product or SaaS modules to compose a custom presentation faster than current methods.”

SharePoint, FTP, Google Drive, DropBox, and email are inadequate tools for managing thousands of slides because they lack features when compared to presentation management systems. Let’s say you are required to update 40 new slides created in 2017 across one or two hundred presentation decks containing three to six thousand slides. You open the source presentation, copy the required individual or groups of slides, open the target file, and paste in each presentation deck, and correct position one by one. Then, repeat the same procedure hundreds of times, engaging 100+ presentation decks, deleting old slides, and pasting the new slides in the correct order, multiple times. You’re not adding all 40 slides at once in a deck; you must selectively update each presentation deck. This manual process is extremely laborious and time-consuming; it can take thirty or forty hours to complete. Even after the slide update procedure is complete, the distribution of the slide library throughout the organization is inadequate.

Now, imagine that Epoch Slide Presentation Management System, with a smart slide library, has automated this slide update process to save up to 80% of the required time for the same task. By uploading and replacing the original instance of the updated slide, all copies of this slide are updated across multiple decks instantly and made available to users. Furthermore, the process to create a custom presentation for each opportunity is improved significantly by creating a better PowerPoint presentation.

Using your firm’s slide library, you create a custom presentation in hours as compared to days or even weeks with PowerPoint alone. You are empowered because have access to the entire slide library of approved and final content. You can search the slide library by keyword to find choice slides, assemble the slides in the desired order, and download them to your laptop.

Here are twelve benefits for a technology consulting firm that automates PowerPoint presentation management.

  1. Centralized slide library
  2. Quickly update slides across multiple decks
  3. Eliminate slide update headaches
  4. Intelligent slide library
  5. Powerful keyword search
  6. Build presentations extremely fast
  7. Reuse and assemble slides
  8. Desktop, laptop, or iPad app
  9. Share your presentation with an expiration date
  10. Brand consistency
  11. Videos and animation

Presentation management systems increase your presentation composition productivity by manifold. The Epoch® Slide workflow process provides the tools to build a custom presentation technology consulting firm looking to create custom sales presentations.