Manage Company’s PowerPoint Slide Library

Epoch® Slide Presentation Management for slide library allows administrators to manage their PowerPoint content while eliminating headaches when updating multiple slide decks with recent changes.

It is apparent that presentation management system is for every business large, medium, or small, including university professors and professional speakers.

I demonstrated iClickPointTM Presentation Management Solutions to companies spanning pharmaceutical, manufacturing,  management firms, financial institutions, university professors, and non-profit organizations. Each is investigating the benefits of the Presentation Management System.

iClickPointTM presentation management system solves several critical issues organizations face today when managing updates and the distribution of slides and presentations. Ask any business manager if email as an is an efficient tool for distributing and managing updated slides and presentations, and the answer will be a quick, “No.” As a matter of fact, email, FTP, DropBox, and SharePoint are all very inefficient for presentation management, and each offers no tool for creating a custom presentation on-demand.

You can then ask how long it takes the presentation or marketing manager to update all corporate presentation decks with multiple updated slides. Again the answer will be, “Painfully slow” to update 10s or 100s of presentation decks with updated slides.

Finally, ask if your sales force, medical science liaison (MSL), or scientific affairs teams have all the latest approved slides available on-demand. Most likely the response would be, “I look for the slides when I need, then or ask a colleague or create a new one,” even if one or more already exists.

As you can see with these deficiencies, other issues are plaguing your company’s static slide library scattered through your organization, various network drives, and desktops with duplicate slides, outdated content, inconsistent branding, outdated slide design, no compliance version control, no usage reports, a clogged email server, and no tools for creating custom presentations quickly to address the opportunity at hand.

iClickPointTM and iClickPadTM address all of these issues with a secure, centralized, and intelligent PowerPoint Slide Library, offering an intuitive drag and drop presentation builder for creating custom presentations quickly with approved content. All of this, including complying with compliance is possible.

Web Epoch has been providing custom presentation delivery and management solution to clients for 18 years. iClickPointTM was born out of the pharmaceutical industry’s necessity to provide speaker support tools. Even though our roots lie in medical education, we developed iClickPointTM to meet the needs of all industries who use PowerPoint® to create slides.

Web Epoch developed and launched iClickPadTM mobile presentation builder as an HTML 5 App to support iPad and other tablets. iClickPadTM not only has all the features available in the desktop version, but it also offers new features such as messaging, calendar, tags and templates, and advanced slide search.

iClickPadTM is integrated with Salesforce.com to provide users with a single sign-on to iClickPointTM PowerPoint Slide Library and presentation builder. Users can create and link their custom presentation(s) to an Opportunity in Salesforce.com, as well as launch the presentation without having PowerPoint installed on their PC. iClickPadTM is also integrated with DropBox to allow you to import your stored slides and documents into iClickPointTM for better management and usage.

Our clients use iClickPointTM to distribute approved PowerPoint® presentations and slides throughout their organization securely in a centralized location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They instantly deliver updated slides, presentations, documents, Flash animation, and videos to users worldwide.

iClickPointTM and iClickPadTM presentation management solution plus presentation builder is intuitive, easy to use, and cost-effective. Clients use iClickPointTM and iClickPadTM drag and drop presentation builder to create custom presentations using PPT and PPTX slides with videos in minutes, instead of hours, days or even weeks.

Rajiv Prasad
Chief Innovation Officer
Web Epoch Interactive