Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management Product Family

 Presentation Management for PowerPoint Slide Library

Our product family provide leading edge solution emerging from decades of experience in presentation management for PowerPoint slide library.  Each specialized tool is developed around an intelligent slide library including  Epoch Slide™, Epoch Composer™, Epoch Pad™ HTML, Epoch Presentation iPad App, Epoch PowerPoint Add-In and  Epoch Play™. Our presentation management solution let your team react faster than your competitors with better presentations to increase the opportunity to close more deals.

Epoch Slide Presentation Management Solutions


Request-a-Demo of iPad Presentation BuilderEpoch Slide™ – A powerful, easy-to-use presentation management solution. You manage your slide library, update revised slides and presentation and audit with version control.  You create new presentations or training course ware with our powerful advanced tools that save many hours per task.  Distribute latest presentation(s) or course ware to your team in real time..

Business Intelligence

  • Adhere to Compliance and Regulatory guidelines
  • Cost savings and ROI (Return on Investment) realized 1st year with a team of 10 + users.
  • Increase ROI from brand consistency

Sales Enablement

  • Easy to use intuitive tool for making custom presentations in hours
  • presentation composer allows every team member to be rock-star presenter
  • Increase Sales with better presentations
  • Manage teams, users, roles and groups

Business Communication

  • Educate across the enterprise
  • Promote latest product services to teams
  • Increase awareness during On-Boarding

Training & Education

  • reuse modules to create courses faster
  • use advanced association to build virtual modules
  • tag slides to utilize better search

Epoch Pad™ – Presentation Management App for HTML 5 devices

  • desktop, laptop, HTML 5 Tablets, iPad
  • administer slide library
  • compose better presentations faster
  • advanced slide / presentation update
  • share presentation link

Epoch Composer™ an intuitive presentation builder tool

Epoch Composer™ an intuitive  presentation composer for building better presentations faster than yo are doing now. 

  • desktop
  • laptop
  • HTML 5 Tablets
  • iPad.

Epoch Presentation™ iPad App  – Presentation Builder

  • same familiar UI
  • lightning fast
  • compose presentations offline
  • search for choice slides
  • preview in player
  • much more…

Epoch Add-in™

  • a PowerPoint Add-in
  • Upload to Epoch Slide™ account from PowerPoint

Epoch Slide™ Enterprise

Epoch Slide™ Enterprise License is installed on your Intranet Server. We provide full service support to get your slide library up and running as quickly as possible.

Salesforce.com to Epoch Slide™ SSO Integration

Request-a-Demo of iPad Presentation BuilderUpon request, we can integrate with your company’s Active Directory to allow authorized users to sign in Epoch Slide with just one click using SSO.  We integrate  with Salesforce.com, your web portal or a custom CMS seamlessly using encrypted authentication to provide single sign-on experience. Single sign-on from your Salesforce.com account is  by simply selecting a linked tab.  You can view Epoch Slide™ presentations directly from form your Salesforce.com opportunity in the contact record, simply click to launch player.

You have access to Epoch Slide™ Suite for corporate or department presentation management.

Salesforce.com to iClickPoint Integration

Web Portal to Epoch Slide™ SSO

We will automate Epoch Slide™ log-in process for your company via Salesforce.com or your favorite Web portal by secure integration,  usually with one-click single sign-on and authentication method.

DropBox Integration

  • import slides from DropBox into Epoch Slide™

Request-a-Demo of iPad Presentation Builder