Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management – SaaS vs. Enterprise

Compare Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management SaaS vs. Enterprise

Enterprise Presentation Management

Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management solution as SaaS is a managed hosting services available 24x7x365. Epoch Slide™ is hosted at Rackspace Data Center, one of the best in the USA and 1st to guarantee 100% up time.

  • you like on-demand presentations anytime anywhere
  • we pay for server; hardware, software, firewall and managed hosting support by humans
  • we pay for software development, maintenance and support
  • you enjoy worry free “killer app” to easily create custom presentations fast
  • you get great support
  • if you can think of a way to do your job better, we can develop an app for it
  • continuous drive for improving features, performance and ease of use
  • intuitive, user friendly

Epoch Slide™ Enterprise Presentation Management

We install and provide support.
Your IT team will provide a dedicated server and we will manage Epoch Slide™ software on your intranet network. Your in-house IT will provide support for database management. Our clients usually prefer to integrate their user management portal with Epoch Slide™ to provide users with single sign-on experience. Click here for case studies.

We can integrate these options for you to address your various user employee groups.

  • Active Directory
  • Single sign-on
  • Salesforce.com AppEx app
  • Direct URL access
  • iPad and HTML5 Tablets

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