Share PowerPoint Presentations –  Set Expiration Date

Share Custom Presentations

Share your PowerPoint® presentation with an expiry date.

Use Epoch® Slide to generate a secure private URL link to share your PowerPoint presentations with would-be clients.

Enhance your presentations by adding short video clips then present them to viewers on the Web and on iPad.

For example, business development executives can send a public URL link to prospects containing the presentation and allow it for download as a  “leave behind” material for later viewing.

With Epoch® Play, users can view your presentation on their iPhone, iPad, HTML5 Tablets, and smartphone. You can share your presentation link via email.

Upload your presentations using your Epoch® Slide account to build your online PowerPoint slide library. Empower your sales and executive teams to use the Epoch Presentation Composer to create their presentation quickly.

The Sales process time is reduced when re-using approved slides that are always current.  

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