iClickPoint™ is now Epoch® Slide

Leverage Epoch® Slide to Build Quicker Presentations with Better Brand Consistency

Epoch Slide™  vs. SharePoint Slide Library for PowerPoint blog I posted earlier is expanded by weighing in Presentation Management, PowerPoint® Slide Library, and Epoch® Presentation Composer.

I am expanding the 14 reasons why Epoch® Slide is superior to SharePoint for presentation management and as a drag & drop presentation composer. Epoch® Slide presentation management system is developed from the ground up specifically for presentation management for your PowerPoint® slide library. Think of Epoch® Slide as an intelligent PowerPoint CMS that SharePoint does not even close in comparison to the functionality and ease of use in building custom presentations.

Epoch Presentation™ iPad App works lightning fast when searching for choice slides and while composing a custom presentation.

Epoch Pad™ HTML let Android users have a full administration and compose custom presentation quickly.

Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management Solution

  1. available anytime, anywhere 24/7
  2. adhere to compliance and regulatory guidelines easily
  3. deliver only approved slides
  4. enable non-editable slides
  5. hosted on a secure, managed server
  6. increase brand message consistency
  7. overcome geographic limitations

Intelligent slide library

  1. admin can share a link to a presentation just uploaded
  2. slide association make multiple decks update easy
  3. group slides to keep intended order
  4. low cost per user
  5. minimal to no support needed all year long
  6. Salesforce.com to EpochSlide™ Presentation Composer by SSO (single sign-on)

Epoch Presentation™ iPad App for Composing Presentations

  1. intuitive UI, easy to use
  2. create a slideshow and share a link
  3. quickly build the custom presentation on a desktop, laptop, iPad, and HTML Tablets
  4. quickly reuse saved presentation by adding or deleting slides
  5. Epoch Presentation™ iPad App Presentation Composer

As you can see EpochSlide™ presentation management for PowerPoint Slide Library provides an intelligent solution for users and administrators alike. EpochSlide™ provides advanced tools for managing the company’s slide library. Admin can quickly create a themed presentation for teams based on a subject being promoted.

EpochSlide™ Presentation Composer desktop, HTML 5 and iPad provide a super easy-to-use tool for composing better custom presentations. You don’t have to worry about design or slide content because you have access to the latest high impact company approved for you to use to compose your presentation quickly.

SharePoint is more of a repository of slides in a file system that you can download or checkout.

SharePoint Server Slide Library

  1. discontinued support for SharePoint Slide Library 2016
  2. file system based
  3. difficult to use
  4. no way to build a presentation quickly
  5. you need to download slides and assemble them in PPT
  6. no drag & drop UI
  7. Does not create a slideshow of the pictures.
  8. Does not have the larger thumbnail option of a picture when you hover over the item.
  9. The library menu is 2007 style and thus looks different from other SharePoint 2010 libraries.
  10. Has a complicated way of uploading pictures using the “Picture Manager” application.
  11. Slide Library is discontinued in SharePoint 2013
  12. No iPad drag & drop Presentation Builder
  13. No Salesforce.com to a presentation builder integration
  14. No presentation embed capability
  15. No iPad App

The SharePoint Slide Library is mostly a default feature available for users. You will have to create a custom application in SharePoint to match the same functionality of the Epoch® Slide presentation management system. Furthermore, the technical challenge is greater as compared to other platforms such as. Net, HTML 5, iOS, and others.