Corporate Slides Are Decentralized

Duplicates Slides Are Scattered with Limited Accessibility

A critical problem has emerged as the corporate PowerPoint slide library has grown over two-plus decades. The assets include thousands of slides in hundreds of presentation decks. These thousands of slides are scattered on users’ computers or shared drives across the enterprise. Only the large corporations have SharePoint slide library, which is very inefficient when compared to today’s Presentation Management System. To make things worse, SharePoint is no longer supporting slide library as they move to Office 365.


Corporate Slides Are Decentralized

Corporate Slides Are Decentralized


Those corporations that do not have SharePoint store their slides in FTP, Shared Network Drive, DropBox, or GDrive, all of which are inefficient when compared to Presentation Management System’s Slide Library (or Libraries). Presentation System provides many functionaries for users to quickly search and find choice slides based on keywords and searchable content.

Corporations not using a Presentation Management System face the following painful inefficiencies:

The Problems

  • Slides are created by team members and are not centralized
  • Even if slides are centralized and stored in FTP, SharePoint, DropBox, or Google Drive, none of these platforms provide an effective access method since they lack the following:
    • Keyword search
    • Metadata search
    • Notes search
    • Slide content search
  • There is no presentation composer or builder for creating presentations.
    • No slide selection or assembly
    • No favorites
    • No presentation preview
    • No presentation share
    • No slide with video playback preview
  • Slide updates manually across multiple decks are very time consuming
  • Version control is not in place, no there is no slide update history
  • Branding is diluted due to there being no master control
  • User possesses outdated slides
  • Duplicate slides are created across the enterprise
  • Slides are created by team members and not shared easily
  • Inefficient access to slides
  • Too slow to respond to new opportunities
  • Creating custom presentations with PowerPoint alone is time-consuming

Companies of all sizes rely on PowerPoint presentations for corporate teams such as the following:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Directors
  • Training
  • Speaker Support
  • Scientific Liaison
  • Corporate Communication
  • Other executives who create two or more presentations per month.

Here, I will discuss the advantages of Presentation Management System with an intelligent slide library, a presentation composer, and all the benefits.

The Solution | Presentation Management

Intelligent Slide Library with a Powerful Presentation Composer

The solution is Presentation Management System with a smart slide library and a presentation composer for quickly assembling custom presentations. The slide library is the brains behind Presentation Management System. The presentation manager or Administrator builds the company’s slide library by creating folders and subfolders and then uploading full or starter presentations and slides for on-demand access by presentation composers and presenters.

The presentation administrators have many tools at their disposal to upload presentations and slides in the appropriately organized hierarchical library folder tree.

By searching a slide library, selecting choice slides, and assembling them for your opportunity, you can build better presentations faster than using your current method.

Advanced Slide Library

Once you have some or many of your presentations and slides uploaded, you may want to create custom presentations for your marketing, sales, and training teams. You create custom presentations for your teams using the advanced slide association feature. You can “associate” a shortcut instance of a slide in many presentation decks simply by using drag & drop.

A Boost in Productivity When Updating Slides

Slide updates comprise a very time-consuming part of the business process. I am told by our consulting and training client that he needed to update three slides in multiple decks. Using the traditional method in PowerPoint it would have taken him 40 minutes, but with Epoch Slide, it took only 5 minutes. That’s an 800% ROI by gaining productivity and saving time to do other tasks. Now, let’s increase our example to 30 slides, which is reasonable for mid-size and large enterprises. You must spend practically a day using “search & find” and updating the scattered decks. With Epoch Slide, you can accomplish the same task in less than an hour.

Build Better Presentations with Composer

You get access to a very friendly UI & UX experience in which you can create better presentations faster than using your current method. You can react quickly to every opportunity faster than your competitor. You can search, locate, select, and drag & drop choice slides in “Presentation Composer” window. There, you can reorder the slides as needed, add intro and ending slides, save custom presentations, and download a PPT or PPTX file to your laptop for delivery of your presentation.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

You can tag your frequently used slides as favorites and build your own mini library for reuse so they are easily available in your Favorite Folder for selection. Favorite slides help you build better presentations faster. Next time, you can create a new presentation using favorites and other slides.

You can rate slides from 1 to 5 to show how well you like each slide. An average is computed several times a day to reflect the rating for each popular slide.

Last but not least, you can open an existing presentation, customize it for new opportunities, and save it as a custom presentation. Download it onto your laptop or present directly from your Epoch Slide iPad App.