Presentation Management System Developing Rapidly for 10 Years

Presentation Management System

Epoch Slide Presentation Management System

It’s no secret that leveraging technology in every aspect of your business is more critical today than ever before. It is impossible to cover all the technologies used in every department daily. Therefore, in this series, I will cover technologies utilized in marketing and sales to close more business. In the last five to seven years, technology for Presentation Management, digital asset management, and content marketing has developed rapidly.

Let’s look at how Presentation Management solves real, serious problems for medium and large multi-national corporations. Corporations, as well as training and management consulting firms, have accumulated thousands of PowerPoint spreads across hundreds of presentations decks. They rely on these PowerPoint slides for communication throughout their organizations and with their clients. Every executive in a corporation relies on effective communication using PowerPoint presentations for everything from marketing and sales to annual meetings and more. Training and management consulting firms who cater to those large corporations use PowerPoint slides for effective communication while delivering their message. A small consulting firm of 15 can have 3,000 slides and require a specialized tool to manage those slides and presentations and keep them up to date.

SharePoint, FTPs, and email are poor tools for managing thousands of slides because they are not designed as presentation management systems. Imagine having to update 50 new slides created in 2017 across 100 or 200 presentation decks with a library of 3,000 to 5,000 slides. You would copy the required individual or groups of slides, open the target file, and paste in each presentation deck. Then, you would have to repeat the same procedure hundreds of times, opening each presentation deck, deleting old slides, and pasting the new slides in the correct order. This manual process is extremely laborious and time-consuming. It can easily take a week or more to complete.  Even after the slide update procedure is complete, the adequate distribution throughout the organization for creating a custom presentation remains.

Now, imagine that today’s Presentation Management System, which comes with an intelligent Slide Library, automates this slide update process to save 80% of the required time. Furthermore, the process to create a custom presentation for each opportunity is improved significantly. Using the Slide Library, you now can create a custom presentation in hours as compared to days or even weeks. This is realized because you have access to an entire Slide Library of approved content. CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and sales executives can search the Slide Library using keywords to find choice slides, assemble presentations in the desired order, and download them to deliver their messages.

Here are twelve ways Presentation Management System can increase productivity for your organization.

  1. PowerPoint slide library is hosted in a centralized location available to users worldwide.
  2. Slide update processes replace original slides instantly across multiple decks.
  3. Eliminate slide update administrative headaches.
  4. The intelligent Slide Library has a powerful search tool that uses keyword tags.
  5. You can create a custom presentation extremely fast.
  6. You don’t have to create slides from scratch.
  7. You can use a desktop, laptop, or iPad app to create a custom presentation.
  8. You can share a presentation link with your prospects and clients with no need for a license.
  9. Your brand is protected and preserved by prohibiting changes to slides.
  10. You can embed videos and animation in slides to improve messaging.
  11. You can reuse slides to create custom presentations faster.
  12. You can reuse modules to create courseware faster than any other method.

Presentation Management System increases your executives’ productivity using a multi-fold process that ultimately helps close more sales. Training professionals can use the same process to build custom courseware in record time unmatched by any other system or process.