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Epoch Slide™ Presentation Management Solutions is available as SaaS or Enterprise License installed on your Intranet Server.

Epoch Slide™include an intelligent slide library with presentation composer,  slide library manager and document builder. Users can create custom presentations, assemble documents and share links with colleagues, clients or prospects on desktop, iPad or HTML5 Tablet browsers.

License options are available in two flavors.
a) Software as a Service (SaaS) or managed hosted services
b) Epoch Slide™ Enterprise – site-license hosted on your company’s Intranet network

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Epoch SlideTM makes presentation and slide library management easy by allowing the “Marketing Manager” to streamline the distribution process for the company’s approved presentations, choice slides and frequently used documents throughout the enterprise instantly. Please call Rajiv Prasad at 973-335-7775 or submit this form for a 30 day trial.

Our presentation management software solution can increase your company’s teams’ productivity that will easily show results in 90 days or less. One of many time-savings features include intelligent slide library management system that automate repetitive tasks required during maintenance updates.

Epoch SlideTM is a powerful intelligent PowerPoint content management system (CMS), presentation composer and an assembly document builder for Web browsers, iPad and HTML5 Tablets.  You can manage, distribute and share presentations, slides, document and videos with your entire organization easily.