A Centralized PowerPoint Slide Library is Paramount

 Corporations have accumulated thousands of PowerPoint slides across multiple departments with little or no organization. The PowerPoint slides are decentralized across the creator’s network folder and shared with only immediate colleagues. The corporation has no idea of how many slides exist across their organization. Furthermore, many of those slides may not be current or approved by management for compliance. In many cases, slide duplicates exist with multiple content creators. Most likely, your business struggles to manually make multiple slide updates across numerous presentation decks hosted on a file system. Then, upon update, it can easily disseminate updated slide decks across your organization.
Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Epoch Slide PowerPoint Library

Presentation Management System

Presentation Management System, with an intelligent slide library, provide tools for sharing approved PowerPoint slides across the enterprise to benefit your organization. Your centralized slide library boosts your team’s custom presentation-building productivity in many ways compared to using PowerPoint alone. You can search for slides by specific keyword to locate choice slides for your custom presentation. Your team always has access to the latest approved slides for use and reuse. Visual reports provide user activity history for building and downloading presentations and slides.

PowerPoint Slide Library
A slide library is a powerful tool for managing slide and presentation updates. A version control provides a visual history of replaced slides. Using the slide library advanced tool, the administrator can create custom presentations for teams’ use as full, topic-specific presentations. The administrators’ productivity is increased significantly because you are reusing approved slides. Working outside PowerPoint also increases productivity due to advanced features in a presentation management system.

As the Epoch Slide administrator, you build your PowerPoint slide library the way your organization is set up. You structure your PowerPoint slide library folder tree based on your team’s’ roles and provide the granular permission. A good slide library folder tree structure provides a great user experience, allowing users to easily drill down to the slides they need. For a powerful search ability, you tag slides with relevant keywords so users can easily find the correct slides.

Presentation Composer
Your executive and sales teams gain tremendous benefits from a centralized corporate PowerPoint Slide Library because they can build better presentations faster by using approved slides. You can search by keywords to find choice slides to use in your presentation. You re-use existing slides by searching, selecting, and arranging to compose a custom PowerPoint presentation faster than ever before.

You can save your custom-built PowerPoint presentation to use again or edit to create another version of a custom presentation. Once your presentation is complete, you can share with clients and prospects. You can gently remind them that your presentation expires in 48 hours, so they should act soon.